Mediclinic Oud-Heverlee
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Mediclinic is a private clinic offering plastic and aesthetic surgery of the highest standard using the most advanced proven medical technology available. All procedures are performed by highly qualified and experienced specialists.

In order to realise our aims, Mediclinic has built one of Europe's most sophisticated private clinics. In this high-tech environment we pride ourselves on our very considerate, discreet and personal approach to patient care. Based in the quiet Belgian countryside close to Brussels, our clinic's impressive architecture creates a private, modern yet comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Inside, the ultra-modern infrastructure houses some of the most advanced medical technology and creates a super sterile environment that complies with the most stringent safety standards.

Mediclinic makes its infrastructure available to a team of experienced surgeons and other specialist health professionals who provide treatment and patient care of the highest standard and are committed to excellence - always putting the patient first.

If safety and high standards of care are important to you, don't hesitate to contact us on 00 32 16 58 59 58 where our friendly English speaking staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why Belgium?

Belgium offers high quality health care at very affordable prices and has great travel links with the UK. It is renowned for its friendly atmosphere, personal touch with regards to patient contact and excellent aftercare. This is why legal action against health professionals is a rarity in this country. As a result, insurance premiums for doctors are comparatively low which allows the prices for cosmetic surgery to be very competitive in comparison to the UK.

Belgium's spotlessly clean hospitals and operating theatres have no significant problems with secondary infections and cases of MRSA and C. difficile are virtually non-existent. Here secondary infection rates are negligible as they average less than 0.05%. In the UK they are averaging 10% and are even increasing in some areas! At Mediclinic there have been no cases of either MRSA or C. difficile infection.

Belgium's clinical standards, quality of surgery and aftercare provision are all top of the list. This is why it's is considered to be one of the best health care providers in the western world.

Getting to Belgium from the UK couldn't be easier with the fast and convenient Eurostar train service from London and Kent, flights from many UK cities and quick and easy access by car via Dover.

Why Mediclinic?

  • Super-sterile environment with no cases of MRSA or C. Difficile
  • Ultra modern infrastructure (Our clinic complies with the most stringent S3 safety standards)
  • Guaranteed results due to the use of only scientifically proven procedures
  • Only highly qualified health professionals and English speaking staff
  • Quality and safety at an affordable price
  • Fully guaranteed aftercare

Super sterile environment

During a stay in hospital you are always at risk of catching an infection. Infections caught in hospital are often less common and therefore difficult to treat. In a hospital setting these infections can easily be transferred from patient to patient, which is why procedures on healthy people are best performed in a private clinic to avoid possible contact with ill and infected patients.

To further reduce the risk of infection, Mediclinic's operating theatre incorporates a laminar airflow ceiling. This system blows sterile air over the operating table, removing all the dust and bacteria present. Every 70 seconds all the air in the operating theatre gets replaced with fresh, sterile air. This process is also designed to increase the air pressure within the theatre to make sure dust will be removed from the room. A similar ventilation system also operates in our recovery rooms.

The super-sterile environment created helps to lower the risk of infection and as a result also lowers the risk of capsular contraction associated with implants. The system used here at Mediclinic is unique, as it is rarely used in hospitals and private clinics due to the high costs involved.

Ultra modern infrastructure

On the inside, the ultra-modern infrastructure of our clinic houses some of the most advanced medical technology. Here you will find a 3D computer and laser-controlled ultra sterile operating theatre equipped with computer controlled minimal-impact anaesthetics. In our theatre laser controlled cameras and projectors allow the surgeon to follow the operation from different angles, making it easier to create symmetry. This system is unique in its kind and offers the best guarantee for achieving a predictable and symmetrical result.

All this high-tech equipment is not only aimed at getting the best possible result from surgery, it also guarantees the patient's safety. Mediclinic is one of only a handful of clinics that actually comply with the electrical safety standards described in the S3 protocol. A lot of hospitals also fail to comply with the protocol because of the high costs involved. If however, you want to guarantee your safety whilst under a general anaesthetic, S3 is a must!

Scientifically proven procedures - guaranteed results

Mediclinic has chosen to only offer effective, scientifically proven procedures to its patients. The only way to make sure a treatment actually works is to prove its effectiveness by conducting a 'double-blind study'. This means showing a measurable difference between the treated patient and the patient treated with the placebo without anyone knowing who has received the real treatment. This is the only way to guarantee the treatment is effective and make sure you don't end up wasting time, energy and money, or suffer unnecessary pain and discomfort undergoing a procedure that won't have the desired result.

Only highly qualified health professionals

All surgeons and other health professionals using Mediclinic's facilities are carefully selected, experienced, highly qualified and fully certified in order to protect our reputation. Only fully qualified surgeons, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, anaesthetist, nurses and dieticians practice at our clinic, to make sure our patient's care is in the best possible hands at all times.

Mediclinic only makes its facilities available to the specialists concerned and doesn't influence the care provided. All specialists using our state of the art facilities are personally responsible for your treatment and after care.

Quality and safety at an affordable price

Everything has its price tag. An expensive super sophisticated infrastructure, the best safety systems, highly qualified personnel, the most advanced medicines and only the best quality implants and equipment. Despite all this, our prices are no higher then the competition. To the contrary, our prices are very competitive indeed!

We have managed to achieve this by keeping our overheads down. Mediclinic has a simple personnel structure and even our infrastructure was designed with the same philosophy of cost effectiveness in mind.

For our activities abroad we also rarely use real estate under our own management, but prefer to use suites in medical centres or hotels for consultations and check-ups instead.

As a result, many of our patients are surprised at the quality of service offered at such a competitive price. Mediclinic is not the cheapest, but definitely the most technologically advanced. We guarantee the highest quality of care. When it comes to value for money, Mediclinic is a cut above the rest.

Fully guaranteed aftercare

At Mediclinic we pride ourselves on our aftercare service. All post-operative care is included in the cost of your treatment and is designed to make sure your recovery is as quick and problem free as possible.

We take great care to guarantee your safety, however all treatments and surgical procedures carry an element of risk. A problem could arise during or after treatment, or maybe the result obtained is not as expected. This is why Mediclinic guarantees to offer you comprehensive aftercare. If despite our best efforts you encounter a problem or have any concerns, we are always here to help.