Wrinkle treatment - fillers

Fillers are ideal for filling static wrinkles caused by the loss of subcutaneous volume and by the relaxation of the skin. These occur at the corner of the mouth, cheeks and neck. Mediclinic uses temporary fillers, which are dissolved from the body within about a year. We do not use products that remain permanently in the body to prevent the formation of granulomas, nodules, infections or later complications. Unlike muscle relaxant products, the result is visible straight away. Fillers give skin flexibility and strength, is safe and is not allergenic.
What results can I get?

  • Disappearance of small wrinkles around the mouth
  • Softening of the jaw line
  • Reduction of furrows around the mouth and lips
  • Decreased furrows around the mouth and chin (marionette lines)
  • Swelling of the lips or contour accentuation
  • Improved facial contours, filling of the cheeks

What is the treatment?
An injection is carried out during a consultation. For the filling of lips and wrinkles around the mouth, the area may be asleep with one shot (as at the dentist). The effects are directly visible and improve in the following weeks. After the injection, redness, swelling and bruising may occur locally but can be easily camouflaged with make-up on the following day after treatment.

Tips before treatment

Avoid taking anticoagulant medication, anti-inflammatory medication, vitamin E, omega 3 based preparations, garlic or alcohol a week before treatment. These products have an anticoagulant effect and increase the risk of hematoma.

What kinds of fillers exist?

1. Temporary fillers
The effect lasts for about a year until the product is dissolved by the body. Their great advantage is that they disappear spontaneously and safely.

2. Semi-Permanent Fillers
These fillers rest more than a year in the body and therefore have a longer effect than temporary fillers. The advantage is its effect can be mitigated by a cortisone injection in the case of the formation of nodules or other problems. This injectable treatment that aims to restore the lost volume in the face and strengthen the skin.

3. Permanent Fillers
These fillers stay in the body and their effect is permanent. However, this method has risks. In the case of formation of nodules or if the injected product remains palpable, surgery will be necessary. Hence the saying "permanent fillers, permanent problems. For all these reasons, Mediclinic uses no permanent fillers.

4. Permanent Fillers with one’s own fat (Coleman's technique)
Your adipose tissue may also be used as a permanent filler. Given that these are one’s own tissues, there is no risk of rejection, appearance of nodules or allergic reaction. This technique is ideal to bridge larger wrinkles, increase the volume of the lips and make small corrections to the contour of the face. The body absorbs some of the fat soon after treatment, so it is advisable to correct a little more than is desired. Adipose tissue is in principle permanent once the tissues are fixed. If the effect of "over correction" persists, the surgeon can address them through a liposculpture. This technique of fat injection is also called "lipostructure". The fat is removed by liposuction under local anaesthetic on the abdomen or on the hips. It is then filtered so as to only reinject living fat cells. The texture obtained is thick enough and can therefore not be used to fill small wrinkles. The fat is reinjected under the skin. The treated area reduces after 1 week, but it takes at least 6 weeks before we see a definitive result. This technique is suitable for filling lips, nasolabial folds, cheekbones and dark circles around the eyes.

Cost Price

Filler 290€
Filler - volume lips 290€

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