Hands and feet care

Mediclinic uses products O.P.I. for manicures and nail polish, the market leader. Our graduates and specialised chiropodists provide care with particular attention to hygiene. The instruments used are sterilized after each patient in the same way as surgical instruments to prevent infection (viruses or fungi). We also offer reflexology sessions (massage pressure points).

Manicure - 30 min
Manicure, nails, cuticles and application of a cream.
Medical Pedicure* - from 30 to 45 or 60 min
Specialised care with freese and application of podiatric techniques: Treatment of corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, fingernails, grooves, pressure points, etc. (* Partial repayment prescription).

  • Nail polish - 10 min
    Nail polish O.P.I. contains no carcinogenic, or formaldehydes such as toluene and DBP
  • Gellak - 30 min
    Perfect nails for three weeks with gelpolish (Gelish)
  • Removing of varnish Gellak

Cost Price

Manicure - 30 min 25€
Medical pedicure - 30 min 30€
Medical pedicure - 45 à 60 min (partial repayment prescription) 60€
Nail polish - 10 min 10€
Gellak nail polish - 30 min 35€
Removing of gellak 10€

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