Thigh lift

What is a thigh lift?
The aim of a thigh lift is to tighten the skin on the inside of the thigh. The intervention corrects your figure by lifting the skin of the upper legs. This is especially appropriate for people who have lost weight and have therefore an excess of skin. When the skin loses its elasticity, the excess needs to be measured very precisely to prevent the scar widening under tension. It is important that the surgeon leaves enough skin so that the hips can still perform all movements without discomfort.
In some cases, sagging skin may cause functional difficulties. For example it can impede walking and irritate the skin between the legs.

What is the procedure?
The intervention takes place under general anaesthetic. The surgeon removes excess skin and fatty tissue on the inner thighs and then tightens the skin. The incision is normally made in the groin and on the inside of the thigh down to the knee. This technique allows the tightening of the skin in two directions.

After the procedure?
The healing of the wound can sometimes be difficult, especially where the two scars meet (that of the groin and that which goes down to the knee). This is a hot and humid area prone to infections. If the excess skin to be removed has been properly measured and that there were no complications, scarring will be slight and inconspicuous.

Cost Price

Thigh lift 3.400€

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