Forehead lift

A forehead lift treats the wrinkles of the forehead and/or lifts the eyebrows. The classic forehead lift involves removing excess skin by making an incision from one ear to the other in the hair. The forehead skin is detached from the skull, which also permits treatment of the procerus muscle (responsible for frown lines). This technique is the most drastic but also that which gives the best results.
The endoscopic brow lift is another technique, which consists of a few small incisions behind the hairline to loosen the skin. The eyebrows are thus lifted, but it is not possible to remove skin or correct frown lines. The effect is therefore more subtle.
The temporal lift is actually a mini brow lift. The surgeon makes a small incision on the side of the forehead at the extension of the forehead wrinkles. This procedure allows the lifting of the eyebrows on the side. In combination with a (mini-) facelift results are very good. After a (mini-) facelift, facial skin is often lifted up to the corners of the eye, but not above. The temporal lift can extend this harmoniously effect over the eyes as well giving very natural results. This procedure can be done under local anaesthetic and recuperation is rapid.

Muscle relaxant is also often used to reduce forehead wrinkles. This non-surgical alternative is very successful and has significantly reduced demand for forehead lifting.

Cost Price

Forehead lift 2.800€
Temporal lift 1.400€

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