Mini facelift

The mini-facelift is sometimes called "the miracle lift". In recent years, we have seen a clear trend towards less invasive treatments with lower risk and faster recovery. These new techniques are at least as effective, if not more, than the older more invasive methods. The result is often more natural. The classic example of such a low-risk treatment is the mini-lift, MACS-lift or S-lift. Initially, these terms are slightly technically different but they are used today and all refer to a lift with minimal loosening of the tissue.
This type of facelift is a new procedure designed to minimise risks. Unlike the traditional facelift, the risk of nerve damage is almost inexistent. The mini-lift is safe because the skin is peeled off almost entirely above the salivary glands. Facial nerves lie below the salivary glands and are thus not affected. The skin and tissues under the skin are mainly tightened vertically. The intervention can be done under local anaesthetic and hair need not be cut or shaved. Small drains are placed behind the ear for 24 hours to drain excess liquid. After 24 hours, the bandage is removed and your hair can be washed. This technique is also known for its fast recovery with minimal bruising and postoperative discomfort. During the first days after surgery, it can be difficult to open the mouth completely. The scar is discretely located in the hair and in the fold in front of the ear. Infections and difficult scarring are rare and only occur exceptionally with smokers.
The mini-lift affects mainly the neck and the jaw. "Hamster cheeks" are a perfect indication for treatment, with the marionette lines decreasing after this procedure. The effect of an S-Lift can be simulated by placing two fingers on the angle of the jaw (1cm from the earlobe) and pulling them up. If the result is satisfactory to you, the S-lift or MACS-lift is the perfect solution.
A mini-lift, S-lift or MACS-lift procedure is safe if done properly and if performed by an experienced surgeon.

Cost Price

Mini facelift (local anaesthetic) 3.850€

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